How Marketing Has Changed in 2021

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14 Dec 2020

How Marketing Has Changed in 2021


Each New Year brings the promise of change. Many of us make promises to better ourselves, whether that’s getting less takeaways or changing our exercising habits.

However, some change has already been pushed upon us. COVID-19 has brought change that has forced all of us to reevaluate and reinvent our lives.

But even with the dust created by COVID now mostly settled here in New Zealand, what remains are fundamental changes to how businesses operate.

Businesses are going digital, and communication is changing. So, how should your business be functioning in this new world of ours?

Going Digital

While the lockdown inspired many of us to become bread bakers or Tiger King enthusiasts, it also forced us to become more innovative in how we ran our businesses.

There once existed a belief that only a select few businesses could operate online, that it was a way of life for only industries like retail. But when the option of face to face interaction was taken away from us, we had to get creative.

Teachers taught kids online, yoga instructors kept people limber by moving online, even counsellors eased stresses over Zoom calls. Even though the world had seemingly stopped, the needs of people didn’t.

For many businesses, the impossible somehow became possible.

Going completely digital or at least moving online is now our new way of life. Record numbers of buyers are buying big ticket items online, whereas it was previously thought that only smaller items would be worth selling online.

Online training is also on the rise. While it may have been out of boredom during the lockdown, it is now out of convenience.


Strategy Review

Change also means out with the old and in with the new. It’s time to be rid of what are now considered ancient strategies and explore new ones.

Ask yourself the following questions:

  • Can I move my business online?
  • Have my competitors moved online?
  • Do I have time to manage my business in a digital space?

Even if you don’t feel like you can move your business online, there are probably still things you can do.

Online training, as we know, is popular. Providing your clients with tips or guides will digitally spread awareness about your business and show off your knowledge.

If your competitors are online, then you need to be online, full stop.

By being online, they will be reaching more people, have a better understanding of user behaviour, and ultimately grow bigger.

With everyone moving online, competition has gotten significantly more intense. Suddenly everyone is playing on the same field, and for many, that brings waves of confusion and frustration when trying to navigate through an unfamiliar space.

It certainly is a challenge and one you don’t have to face alone. Having someone knowledgeable in digital strategy can guide you in what tools or resources you should be utilising to make life that much easier for you.


Is Your Website You?

Being digital means that the way you communicate and display yourself should fundamentally be you and proudly demonstrate your brand.

Ask yourself these questions:

While you might think that these pages are simple, they are actually incredibly critical. Who you are, how you explain to people the value of your business, and where call-to-action buttons take potential clients are all part of the process, so they need to be done right.

For example, if your call to action button from your digital advertising (Google, Facebook, LinkedIn Ads etc.) takes people to your home page, then you’re only converting 1-3% of your leads. But a landing page specifically designed for converting will increase that rate to 5-15%.


2021 is bringing a new wave of opportunities as well as new ways of operating.

While it’s important that you understand what these are, it’s even more important to understand the value behind a digital strategy and having an effective website.

To get yourself online or improve what you’ve already got, get in touch with us today.

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