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Software development

Coding is in our blood. It’s part of what makes us so good at building the engines that drive powerful websites.

It also makes us damn good software developers.

We’re big on keeping things lean and simple from the get go. Building, testing and, occasionally, failing fast. And only adding non-essential functionality after the essentials have been developed.

That approach avoids budget blowouts, two of the dirtiest words in the English language, if you ask us. And you’d be amazed at how often, once development’s finished, functionality the client originally thought would be awesome to include is now clearly not needed.

We build to minimise faults, and we offer ongoing support, because faults – technical and human – are gonna happen.

We design and build the software, rather than pass it on to a project manager who doesn’t understand why we’re doing what we’re doing.

We build interactive mockups, so you can see how it’ll all work. After that, it’s an iterative process all the way, baby. Build, test, get feedback, tweak, test again, and so on.

We don’t surprise you with budget blowouts. (Did we say that already?)

Check out these examples here.

Examples: Custom supply chain management

Hospital fridges

Food tracking


Website Development

Website development’s a lot like the wild west without the boyish charm. So often, websites are either built by a designer who’s totally clueless about sales or marketing, or by a sales person who’s clueless about web design.

Or, worst of all, by a take-the-money-and-run merchant who builds without adequate testing.

If you think hiring an expert’s expensive, try any of that lot.

System 7 is one of the leading web developers in Auckland specialised in not only building websites that are beautiful but also one that works well for your business.

Here’s what we do as professional website developers:

  • We plan and test. So much so that you may think we’re insane. (We’re fairly sure we’re not.)
  • We employ great designers so that your website looks like a million bucks, while costing quite a bit less than that.
  • We don’t compromise on maintenance and security. We only use platforms that are robust and secure and, what’s more, that don’t require updates all the time.
  • We always, always, always keep the website’s primary function at the top of our mind. If it’s meant to sell (like 95% of websites are), then we damn well design it to sell. That might seem obvious, but honestly, you’d be amazed…
  • We also choose a robust platform that’s user friendly. That means your website won’t break when the heat’s on, and you can also make most changes yourself without paying us to do it for you. On that note, if your current platform isn’t user friendly, you should definitely talk to us. We can almost certainly migrate it to one that is – current design and all.


Digital marketing

Now there are two words to strike fear into the heart of any business owner. What in heaven’s name do they really mean? SEO? SEM? Remarketing, blogging, email marketing?

One of the real challenges is the number of firms that specialise in one small slice of digital marketing. An SEO specialist will tell you that SEO is the major game in town, while a social media expert will tell you to just churn out lots of social media posts. (OK, we’re simplifying a bit, but only a bit).

We’re pretty well versed in digital marketing and have helped many of our clients create and implement a coherent – and effective – digital marketing strategy. Because we’re not invested in any particular aspect of this discipline, we’re free to recommend what will work, not what will line our pockets.

We can also link you up with proven experts who can implement particular aspects of your digital marketing strategy. SEO specialists, AdWords people, email marketers, writers, and so on.

We’ll probably have this conversation with you before any serious website work begins. That’s because your website should support your marketing efforts, and that makes it important that we understand what your marketing plans are.

And if you’re not 100% satisfied with your current digital marketing provider, feel free to give us a bell.

E-commerce website development solutions

You might have noticed that we love building websites that sell.

Now some people think such websites must inevitably be less than beautiful. They’re wrong.

You’d be gobsmacked by the range of stunning ecommerce designs that are available these days. And, at the risk of blowing our own trumpet, what our team is capable of.

There’s also an underlying belief that ecommerce sites must be complex. While that’s sometimes true, usually it’s not. We’re great at building simple yet powerful ecommerce sites that don’t break down. Ones that can handle a ridiculously huge number of products.

One achievement we’re really proud of is the ecommerce plug-in we built for Umbraco. Umbraco’s one of the easiest content management systems for a non-technical person to use. Our plug-in means we can develop an e-commerce website on the Umbraco platform that can integrate with any payment gateway and any backend system such as customised POS apps or inventory systems and CRMs. So you get immense grunt without needing a pilot’s licence to manage everything.

We can build pretty much any kind of ecommerce site you want. Product based, something around a promotional concept, a rewards site… The only limit is your imagination.



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