Website development’s a lot like the wild west without the boyish charm. So often, websites are either built by a designer who’s totally clueless about sales or marketing, or by a sales person who’s clueless about web design.

Or, worst of all, by a take-the-money-and-run merchant who builds without adequate testing.

If you think hiring an expert’s expensive, try any of that lot.

System 7 is one of the leading web developers in Auckland specialised in not only building websites that are beautiful but also one that works well for your business.

Here’s what we do as professional website developers:

  • We plan and test. So much so that you may think we’re insane. (We’re fairly sure we’re not.)
  • We employ great designers so that your website looks like a million bucks, while costing quite a bit less than that.
  • We don’t compromise on maintenance and security. We only use platforms that are robust and secure and, what’s more, that don’t require updates all the time.
  • We always, always, always keep the website’s primary function at the top of our mind. If it’s meant to sell (like 95% of websites are), then we damn well design it to sell. That might seem obvious, but honestly, you’d be amazed…
  • We also choose a robust platform that’s user friendly. That means your website won’t break when the heat’s on, and you can also make most changes yourself without paying us to do it for you. On that note, if your current platform isn’t user friendly, you should definitely talk to us. We can almost certainly migrate it to one that is – current design and all.

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