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Digital Marketing - Now there are two words to strike fear into the heart of any business owner. What in heaven’s name do they really mean? SEO? SEM? Remarketing, blogging, email marketing?

One of the real challenges is the number of firms that specialise in one small slice of digital marketing. An SEO specialist will tell you that SEO is the major game in town, while a social media expert will tell you to just churn out lots of social media posts. (OK, we’re simplifying a bit, but only a bit).

We’re pretty well versed in digital marketing and have helped many of our clients create and implement a coherent – and effective – digital marketing strategy. Because we’re not invested in any particular aspect of this discipline, we’re free to recommend what will work, not what will line our pockets.

We can also link you up with proven experts who can implement particular aspects of your digital marketing strategy. SEO specialists, AdWords people, email marketers, writers, and so on.

We’ll probably have this conversation with you before any serious website work begins. That’s because your website should support your marketing efforts, and that makes it important that we understand what your marketing plans are.

And if you’re not 100% satisfied with your current digital marketing provider, feel free to give us a bell.

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