Windows 8 COPY and PASTE intermitent problem

Posted 1923 days ago by Phil Vialoux

18 Nov 2014

I've been having an intermittent problem with copy and paste in Windows 8.  Just as I get into the swing of things, all of a sudden it simply won't paste.  Very strange behaviour.  It's been driving me nuts for months! But finally I've managed to fix the problem - and it was the most obscure fix ever...

The problem was not Windows 8, but the "Send to Bluetooth"  Outlook Add-in.  Somehow this had connected itself to the copy and paste function in my system.

Nothing to do with Windows at all!

To fix this yourself, you'll need to find the add-on in outlook.

In outlook 2007, choose the menu Tools, Trust Centre.
Select addins from the left menu
At the bottom of the right pane choose Manage "COMM Addins" from the dropdown.
Click GO

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