Creators of Guitar Hero turn to “Exergaming”

Posted 1923 days ago by Phil Vialoux

18 Nov 2014

Creators of the hit game Guitar Hero, which combines physical movement and arcade gaming, have created a concept which is aimed to remove the boredom from a standard cardio workout. Goji Play is a new exercise based game which measures physical movement with an activity sensor and requires the user’s effort to progress through the game. The idea was to make regular cardio workouts less boring and more rewarding.

Goji Play works through an app which only runs on Mac devices, and there are currently 12 game titles available at the moment with more to come in the near future. There are a number of genres from a boxing styled game “Fisticuffs”, to several racing games such as “Moto X” and “Spin and Die”.

While these games are entertaining and interactive, the system also monitors the user’s fitness statistics, allowing them to keep an eye on their performance. The system includes two wireless game controllers, the activity sensor, a wall charger and two foam batons. 


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