A Smartphone Designed to Stop Spying Eyes

Posted 1923 days ago by Phil Vialoux

18 Nov 2014

With the rising public awareness of privacy risks, the encryption firm Silent Circle and phone manufacturer Geeksphone have created the Blackphone. The company promises that Blackphone will be meeting the benchmarks of other top performing phones.

The specs on the phone are currently not given but, they say that security will be fitted through all layers of the phone, from hardware to apps. Users will be able to store files securely and engage in secure phone calls, text messaging, video chat and private browsing. Blackphone will have its own operating system called PrivatOS. There is no word if Blackphone will work with other Androids in the same secure manner

The price of the Blackphone has not been released yet, but we should we able to find out when it becomes available to pre-order at Mobile World Congress on February 24th.


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