Zoox "Boz" Bi-Directional Autonomous Vehicle

Posted 1923 days ago by Phil Vialoux

18 Nov 2014

For many years now, science-fiction movies have been creating gadgets and gizmos that would have been wild and bizarre creations at the time, and turned them into concepts to be developed in our everyday lives. Many years ago, Star Trek predicted the use of handheld communication devices, such as smart-phones and tablets – however this next invention looks like something directly out of Minority Report.

The Boz is a completely autonomous bi-directional electric vehicle which Zoox predicts will replace the car by the year 2021 - so don’t hold your breath any time soon. Seeing as it will take several stages to begin to release semi, then fully autonomous vehicles, we can expect that human action and awareness will still be an important aspect of the development process.

There will be obvious uses for vehicles like this (more suited to city and residential areas), as traditional cars will be better equipped for long distance travelling. The main reason for this will be autonomous vehicles, having their own destination and navigation control, will rule out human control (and hopefully human error).

Seeing that an 8 year time frame is pretty ambitious for a vehicle such as this, it is more likely that development and implementation of this concept will occur throughout the next 10 to 15 years. The interesting aspect of this concept is that current technology, such as smart-phones and tablets, will be able to request and program the route of the trip with the use of an app.

Would you feel safe in an autonomous vehicle with no human control, except for the destination? 

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