Amazon to deliver by flying drone by 2015?

Posted 1923 days ago by Phil Vialoux

18 Nov 2014


Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos said that his company is making plans to use Amazon “Prime Air” (mini-drone) as soon as the safety testing is complete and they get federal approval. Realistically Bezos said they would be up and running within the next four to five years.

Some of you may think this is science fiction and that this type of technology may not come into practice in the near future, but the video below shows the “Amazon Prime Air” in action.

The mini-drones are powered by electric motors and can cover up to a 16-kilometre radius-this means these drones can cover majority of the urban areas. The mini-drones work automatically and can drop the items at target locations using a GPS tracking system. Bezos said that these drones are “very green-it’s better than driving trucks around.”

Bezos’ motivation for the mini drones was partly so that Amazon remains at the top of the retail industry. “Companies have short life spans… And Amazon will be disrupted one day.”

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